digital radiology

X-Ray and Ultrasound

Digital Radiology

Digital x-ray of a pet

Hershey Veterinary Hospital offers in house digital radiology as part of our comprehensive in house diagnostics.  Radiographs (“X-rays”) allow us to get a picture of what is going on inside your pet.  This can be extremely helpful for diagnosing conditions such as:  bladder stones, foreign bodies, or tumors.  Radiographs are taken in house whenever necessary and sedation is very rarely required.  Digital radiographs can be viewed within seconds and are always shared with the owner during their scheduled appointment time.  Digital radiographs can also be shared instantly with specialists or referral hospitals if needed.

Our hospital also offers OFA radiographs (for canine health screenings through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).  These radiographs do require advanced scheduling and the pet must be under anesthesia.  Any pet applying for OFA Certification must have a microchip.


Ultrasound for a dog

Our hospital also offers in-house ultrasound.  Ultrasound, like radiographs, allows us to see inside a pet.  Ultrasound provides greater detail and allows us to see things that are not visible with radiographs.  Ultrasound, radiographs, and blood work are often used in combination to determine a definitive diagnosis.  Ultrasounds can typically be done during a scheduled appointment time, though in some cases an additional appointment may be necessary.  Ultrasounds are painless and typically do not require anesthesia, but hair must be clipped from the pet to get diagnostic images. Ultrasound images are also easily shared with specialists and referral hospitals when needed.